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National Petrochemical Company, Research and Technology Company, Iran



Calcium carbonate is one of the most essential minerals with multiple applications in diverse food, pharmaceutical, chemical, plastic, and paper industries that is generated by the press, mangle, deposition, and classification. In the simulation process mentioned in this research study, a mathematical model was provided to obtain dryer yield information. According to different methods of preparation and purification of this material, spray dryers are at the end of the process as dry goods market or required properties. For this reason, the first Kinetic of the material drying obtained through the experiment and the momentum equations of suspended particles in the air, particle path differential equations in three dimensions, Reynolds number, heat, and mass transfer coefficients and then calculate the mass and energy balance for presenting a mathematical model has combined, for discover the accuracy of the model, the results compared with practical experiments. A concurrent spray dryer used in the laboratory and a computer programming language (MATLAB) were presented to compare the results of its execution with the experimental results to assess the software’s accuracy.

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Modeling of Calcium Carbonate Drying Process


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