All authors at Sami Publishing Company (SPC) sets out the copyright of their articles, so they can archive published manuscripts on their own web pages, corporate web pages, and various repositories of their boilerplate subjects. Authors are encouraged to deposit the final published PDF.

Authors may also reuse the Abstract and Citation information (e.g. Title, Author name, Publication dates) of their article anywhere at any time including social media such as LinkedIn, Facebook, blogs and Twitter, providing that where possible a link is included back to the article on the journal site. Preferably the link should be, or include, the Digital Object Identifier (DOI) which can be found in the Citation information about the article online. The accepted version may be placed on: the author's personal website and/or the author's company/institutional repository or archive.


Archive of the publication's website

All journal articles are archived in two ways: the PDF version of all articles is online and available to readers on the journal website. The backup copy of the articles is kept in the computer of the journal office.


Indexing databases

The main information and abstracts of the articles published in journal are indexed in several databases.

Personal archive

All authors can archive their articles immediately after publication on the journal's website, in their personal system or on their institution's website.