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1 Ph.D of Science in Chemical engineering, Risk Specialist of Oil and Gas Refinery Company, Iran

2 M.A in Agriculture Engineering, Food Engineer & Risk Specialist in Industries, Iran


In this study, risk management in stock market was investigated. The growth and development of the capital market as one of the important sectors of any country's economy requires having an efficient risk management system in it. In the business world today, the need for an integrated risk management system and risk-based investment analysis has become increasingly important for the development of the capital market. So that one of the main differences between investors, both institutional and individual in the competitive world, is the adoption of correct strategies and orientations in investment and economic activities. Stock risk management is one of the most basic skill needs of any smart investor in this market. Reasonable, scientific and successful financial investment in this market requires high risk management in the stock market. But risk management is itself part of sound capital management or sound money management. To cover the risk in investing, it is best to form an investment portfolio. The results of the present study show that company value has a negative impact on stock return risk, profitability has a negative impact on company stock return risk.

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Investigating the Strategic Concept of Risk Management in the Stock Market and Investing


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