Document Type : Original Research Article


1 Department of Agricultural Machinery Engineering, Faculty of Agricultural Engineering and Technology, University of Tehran, Karaj, Iran

2 Department of Mechanical Engineering and Production Management, Berliner Tor 21, 20099, Hamburg university of applied science, Hamburg, Germany



Typically, mobile machine shop-cranes are used in applications where a lifting solution is needed for operation in a small area or within a large industrial facility that has limited space available. mobile cranes are able to gain mechanical advantage to lift heavy objects. The mast (the tall vertical part of a crane) is supported by a large, heavy base, which helps offset the weight the crane holds at higher heights. Shop Crane is an overhead crane system that turns heavy lifting in the workshops. Shop Crane distributes the weight of your load over a system consisting of a bridge and two parallel runways. By spreading the weight out, movement and positioning of loads up to 2000 pounds becomes effortless. In this research, some changes were made on a mobile machine shop-crane. Then, they were designed in CATIA and analyzed in ANSYS. After that, they were compared with each other. It was designed with 120 and 140 millimeters profiles. The chosen maximum weight was 750 kilograms. Moreover, the results of analysis showed that the changed model had the best performance than primary model.

Graphical Abstract

Effects of additional mechanisms on the performance of workshop crane


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